Mrs. Kathy Bradshaw is currently a sixth grade Science and Writing teacher at Larry J. Macaluso Elementary in the Red Lion Area School District.  This is her 21st consecutive year of teaching in sixth grade. 
Prior to her teaching career, Mrs. Bradshaw earned her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Elizabethtown College in Lancaster, PA  She also earned her Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State University in 2005. In addition to these degrees, Mrs. Bradshaw has also taken education courses from Wilkes University, Wilson College, and Carlow University.
Outside of school, Mrs. Bradshaw enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters and currently resides in the East York area.


6B News 4.11.21

This week in Science we will learn about how magnetism and electricity are related. We will complete a few activities to aid in our understanding of this topic. There will be an electricity test on all the key information we have learned in this unit. The test will most likely be early next week.
In Writing this week, we will begin to write our journalism report on youth activism. We will write one paragraph at a time so that our reports are completed by next week.
Important Dates:
April 12 -16 =Autism Awareness Week
April 13 = Virtual PTO Meeting @ 6:30
April 14 = DLR 22 due
May 4-6 = ELA PSSA 
May 10 - 11 = Math PSSA
May 28 and May 31 = No School

6B News 4.5.21

Now that we have finished our research, this week in writing we will begin to get ideas for our journalism report. The students will be reporting on youth activism after they create an outline for their report.
In Science we will discuss the relationship between electricity and magnetism this week. 
Important Dates:
April 8 - Flower Power Day (special dress)
April 9 - Progress Reports issued
April 13 - Virtual PTO Meeting @ 6:30pm
April 14 - DLR 22 due
April 16 - wear blue

6B News 3.29.21

This week in writing, we will finish up the activist research we have been working on.  The students have the names of 10 youth activists who have been working on big changes in our world.  They need to research each activist and take notes in their writing notebooks. The research is due in the morning on March 31.
This week in Science, we are working on a digital Science lab. The students are testing salt water and fresh water to see which is a better conductor. Then, they will use their research to solve a real life problem.
Important Dates:
March 31 - Youth activist research due, DLR 21 due
April 1-5 - Spring Break (no school)
April 8 - Flower Power day (special dress)
April 9 - Progress Reports (marking period 3) posted at 4:00 pm
April 14 - DLR 22 due

6B News 3.21.21

It seems like spring has returned for the week. I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine.
In writing this week, we will begin our journalism unit. The students will learn about what it means to be a journalist and they will begin to research the idea of "activism" this week. 
In Science, we will continue our study of electricity. After working on our science websites in the early part of the week, we will begin to discuss Ohm's Law, which is the relationship between current, voltage and resistance.
Important Dates:
March 24 - Graded DLR "E" due
March 29 - End of Marking Period 3
April 1 - 5 - Spring Break (No School)
April 9 - Progress Reports posted on Skyward
Please continue to check your child's assignments and grades that are posted on Skyward. We regularly update the information.

6B News 3.14.21

The sunshine and warmer weather this week has been so enjoyable! I hope you all had a wonderful week and weekend.
In writing this week, we will wrap up our persuasive unit. The students will read an article that presents arguments about paper money in our currency system. Students will then write an essay to share their opinion to either keep or eliminate paper money.
In Science this week, we will continue to learn about electricity. After a brief overview of charged particles last week, we will focus on circuits this week. The students will learn about electric current through a circuit. Eventually, they will create a series and parallel circuit using a digital lab.
March 15 - Virtual Learning Day
March 17 - DLR 20 due
March 29 - Two Hour Delay
April 1 - 5 - No School (Spring Break)

6B News 2.28.21

It's Read Across America week! There is information attached to this email about our celebrations this week.
In writing this week, we will be working on our second persuasive essay. Students will find research to support each of their reasons and then they will draft the essays. We will be focusing on the structure of the essay for our lessons.
We are finished with our unit on Light and Sound. The students had a fun time building and testing their amplifiers last week. I'm glad to report that we had a 100% success rate with the amplifiers. Every student's project worked to make sound louder! Our next unit is electricity. After we spend some time working on our Sound websites, we will be moving on to learn about electrical currents.
Important Dates:
March 1 - Spring Picture day
March 3 - DLR 19 due
March 8 - Act 80 day (no school for students)
March 29 - End of marking period 3

6B News 2.21.21

This week in writing we will finish our first persuasive essays by revising and publishing. Then, we will choose topics and create outlines for our second persuasive essay. In the second essay, students will need to use research as evidence for each reason. 
In Science this week, students will design an amplifier using household materials. This amplifier will be used to increase the volume of an electric speaker. We will test them during class.
February 23 - Persuasive Essay 1 due
February 24 - DLR 18 due
March 1 - Spring Picture Day

6B News 2.15.21

Last week, students selected a topic for their first persuasive essay of the year. Then, we created an outline and drafted the first two paragraphs. This week, students will draft the remaining paragraphs. After the essay is drafted, we will work on revising and editing our work to be sure it's great.
In Science, we will study how sound travels through a medium. We will also begin to work on our next hands-on project - creating amplifiers! Students will use household materials to create a device that amplifies sound. More information will be provided towards the end of the week, depending on the weather situation.
February 24 - DLR 18 due
March 1 - Spring Pictures
Have a great week!

6B News 2.7.21

We finished the first part of our sound unit last week with our test on Friday. This week, we will discuss how and when sound is transmitted, reflected and absorbed through different states of matter.
This week in writing we will begin our persuasives. We will begin by looking at a mentor text and then students will select a topic. After creating an outline for their essay, they will begin to draft.
February 9 - Virtual PTO Meeting @ 6:30 PM
February 10 - DLR 17 due; semicolon quiz
February 11 - Wear Red 
February 12 and 15 - No School for students
March 1 - Spring Pictures

6B News 1.24.21

I hope you enjoyed the weekend.
This week in writing we will finish the drafts of our literary comparison essays. Once they are finished, we will revise them and edit to be sure we don't have run-on sentences or fragments. The published essays are due on Friday.
In Science, we will be moving on to learn about Sound. This week we will learn how frequency and amplitude of a sound wave affect the sound we hear.
Report cards will be issued via Skyward on Wednesday at 4:00 pm. Please login to Skyward once report cards are released and "sign off" so we know you have seen your child's progress for Semester 1. 
Important Dates:
January 27 - DLR 16 due, Report Cards issued
January 29 - Literary Comparison Essay due
February 9 - Virtual PTO Meeting @ 6:30
February 12 and February 15 - No School for Students

6B News 1.19.21

This week in writing, students will plan, study a mentor text and begin to write their literary comparison essays. Each student will compare 2 different short stories and focus on how the themes are different and similar in the story. By the end of the week, students should have the first drafts started.
This week in Science, students will have the chance to continue working on their Electromagnetic Spectrum Museum displays. Last week, students received directions for the project and we created a rubric together. This week, students have class time to complete the project. It is due on Friday.
Semester 1 has ended and grades have been finalized for the report card. You can view the report card in Skyward beginning at 4:00 pm on January 27. You will need to provide an electronic signature on Skyward to show that you have viewed the report card once it is available.
January 20 - DLR 15 due (Days 1 and 2 only)
January 22 - Science Museum display due
January 27 - Report Cards released

6B News 1.10.21

This week in writing, we will be learning about how to write a comparison essay about two different stories. After completing an organizer, we will carefully study a mentor text to see evidence of quality work. At the end of the week, we will complete an on-demand assessment. Students will have on class period to write a character or a theme essay to demonstrate their understanding of these skills.
In Science, we will continue our study of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Students will present one type of radiation wave to the class and then work on a self-selected project for the entire spectrum.
January 13 - DLR 14 due
January 14 - Sparkle & Shine Day (Special Dress)
January 15 - End of Semester
Please check SKYWARD for updated grades. The end of the semester is on Friday. At that point, grades will be finalized and report cards will be prepared.

6B News 1.3.21

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a great start to 2021. 
This week in writing, we will begin working on our newest literary essay - compare/contrast. This week we will practice by comparing everyday objects (ie, juice and soda) by filling out organizers and writing compare/contrast paragraphs.
We will also begin a new topic in Science this week - the electromagnetic spectrum. This week, we will review light waves and then learn about the different types of radiant energy included on the electromagnetic spectrum.
January 6 - DLR 13 due
January 12 - Virtual PTO Meeting @ 6:30
January 14 - Sparkle and Shine Day (Special Dress)
Please remember to check Skyward regularly to view your child's progress. If you have forgotten you login, you can use your child's login information. 
Have a great week!

6B News 12.20.20

This week, we will finish our theme essays in writing. On Monday and Tuesday, students will revise their work. The final essay should be published and submitted by Wednesday. After the winter break, we'll be working on Compare/Contrast Essays.
This week in Science we will finish up our Winter Holidays Around the World projects. Students have enjoyed learning about different winter holidays that are celebrated around the world. After the winter break, we will study the electromagnetic spectrum.
December 23 - Theme Essay Due
December 24 - January 1 - Winter Break (Enjoy!)
January 6 - DLR 13 due
I wish you and your family a wonderful winter break. The students have worked hard this year and have accepted many challenges willingingly and even with a smile. It's been a joy to work with them in 2020 and I look forward to seeing them rested and refreshed in 2021! Best wishes to you and your family as we welcome in the new year.

6B News 12.13.20

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Please read the information about our upcoming week.
IMPORTANT!! Please check Skyward. Many students have incomplete and missing assignments that need to be finished. All assignments in Skyward (Writing and Science) are numbered to match google classroom. Therefore, it's very easy for your child to find the directions for work they are missing. Please have your child finish any missing assignments as soon as possible. Missing assignments are marked with a "0" and/or the code MI. Please contact me if you have questions. If you are unsure of your Skyward login, you can use your child's login to view the gradebook. The login is their typical Red Lion google username and password.
In Writing this week, we will plan and draft our theme essays. In the theme essay, the students will explain how the character learns the life lesson (theme) in the story. The students will use quotes from the text as evidence that the character grows and changes throughout the story. These essays should be complete by December 22.
In Science, we will be taking a break from our normal curriculum to practice our research skills. We will need research skills for upcoming writing and science units, so it's important to practice finding accurate information. Students will complete a research project about winter in other countries. We will work on this project during school.
December 16 - Graded DLR C due
December 22 - Theme Essay due
December 24 - January 1 = No School
Have a great week!