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Mrs. Kathy Bradshaw is currently a sixth grade Math and Writing teacher at Larry J. Macaluso Elementary in the Red Lion Area School District.  This is her 18th consecutive year of teaching in sixth grade. She has been working as a team with Mr. Dherit for the past 7 years.
Prior to her teaching career, Mrs. Bradshaw earned her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Elizabethtown College in Lancaster, PA  She also earned her Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State University in 2005. In addition to these degrees, Mrs. Bradshaw has also taken education courses from Wilkes University and Wilson College.
Outside of school, Mrs. Bradshaw enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters and currently resides in the East York area.

Recent Posts

6B News 4.23.18

This week in writing, we will research the topic of teen activism.  Throughout this unit, students will become journalists and prepare a report on this topic.  So far, we have started to examine Alex Lin and Malala Yousafzai.
In Math this week, we will continue with Hands-on-Equations.  There is no homework with this unit.
April 23 - ALICE walk (rally point)
April 25 - Graded DLR due
April 27 - Math boxes 8-4 to 8-6 due
May 7 - Career Day
May 11 - Junior High Visit
May 14 - BizTown

6B News 4.15.18

This week in writing, we will finish, publish and submit our persuasive essays.  However, it's so important that students learn that writing isn't just about getting "done".  We spend much of our time discussing and practicing how to continuously grow as a writer and submit pieces that have been revised and polished many times.
In Math this week, we will play a review game. On Thursday, after PSSA testing is done, we will begin our Hands-on-Equations unit.  Students had parts 1 and 2 of this unit in 4th and 5th grade.  This year, we'll finish the program with unit 3.  This program provides the basic knowledge required to solve equations, but uses manipulatives as teaching tools.
April 17 and 18: Math PSSA (morning)
April 18: DLR 24 due, Persuasive essay due
April 20: Math Box worksheet due

6B News 4.2.18

In Writing this week, we will begin by researching information for our next persuasive essay.  Students will focus on getting bits of research that work to support one of their reasons for the essay.  After students have gathered the research they need, they will begin to draft their essays.
In Math this week, we will practice, write and solve rate problems.  This is a project that students are working on and it will take several days to complete.  Today, students were given a homework sheet that will be due on Friday.  This sheet and math boxes are the only homework assignments for math this week.
April 3 - Book Fair family night 4-7pm
April 4 - DLR 22 due, Book Fair visit
April 6 - Math homework due, Math boxes 8-1 to 8-4 due
April 10, 11, 12 - ELA PSSA (morning)
April 17, 18 - Math PSSA (morning)

6B News 3.25.18

Well, our plans last week didn't really turn out as we had intended.  So, we've adjusted our schedule due to the spring snow Mother Nature actually surprised us with.
In writing this week, we will review how to use pronouns correctly and we will also complete the On-Demand persuasive writing assessment.  We may also have time to select a topic for our next persuasive essay, which will include research.
We will finish unit 7 in Math this week:
Monday: Unit 7 Review
Tuesday: Unit 7 Review, continued
Wednesday: Unit 7 test
Thursday: Vocabulary Activity
March 27: Two hour delay, On-Demand writing assessment
March 28: Unit 7 Math test
March 29: Math boxes 7-9 to 7-12 due
March 30: No School
April 2: Book Fair shopping
April 3: Book Fair family night 4pm-7pm
April 4: Progress reports issued; DLR 22 due

6B News 3.11.18

Our goal in writing this week is to finish writing our persuasive essays, revise them and begin the publishing process.  We have focused on using vignettes in our essays, as well as writing with detailed elaboration.
We continue unit 7 in Math this week.
Monday: Lesson 7-5
Tuesday: Lesson 7-6
Wednesday: Lesson 7-7
Thursday: Lesson 7-8
Friday: Quiz
*Graded unit 6 math tests were sent home this week.  Please sign your child's test and return it to school.  Thanks!
March 14 - Graded DLR due
March 16 - Math Quiz, Math boxes 7-5 to 7-8 due

6B News 3.4.18

This week in writing, we will begin to draft our persuasive essays.  So far, students have selected a topic that they feel is important.  After we practice writing vignettes and generalizations about this topic, we will study a mentor text and begin to draft.  The students have great ideas and it's great to see their passion come through in their writing!
We will begin unit 7 in Math this week.
Monday: Lesson 7-1
Tuesday: Lesson 7-2
Wednesday: Lesson 7-3
Thursday: Lesson 7-4
Friday: Quiz
Wednesday: DLR 20 due
Friday: Math boxes 7-1 to 7-4 due, Math quiz
It's Read Across America week to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.  We will celebrate one of his books each day! Information attached below this post.

6B News 2.25.18

Our comparison essays are published and submitted, which brings our literary essay unit to a close.  Our next writing unit, which we will begin this week, focuses on persuasive writing.  Students will choose a topic of significance and construct an essay to persuade others.  This week will begin the process by learning how to structure and organize this type of writing.
In Math, we finish unit 6 this week.
Monday: Lesson 6-10
Tuesday: Lesson 6-11
Wednesday: Unit 6 Review
Thursday: Unit 6 Test
Friday: Review of decimal computation
Remember: Friday is Spring Picture Day.  All students will be photographed individually and we will have a class picture taken, as well.  Individual pictures will be printed and distributed for all students and then you can decide if you would like to purchase any after viewing them.  Information about purchasing a class picture was sent home a few weeks ago.
February 28: DLR 19 due
March 1: Family Reading Celebration @ 3:45, Unit 6 Math Test
March 2: Family Reading Celebration @ 7:45, math boxes 6-10 to 6-12 due, Spring Picture Day

6B News 2.11.18

On Monday in writing, we will finish our pre-writing organizers for our compare/contrast theme essays.  Then we will study a mentor essay for ideas about how to structure and organize our essays.  Eventually, by the end of the week, we will have completed the first drafts of our essays.
We continue unit 6 in Math this week.
Monday: Lesson 6-4
Tuesday: Lesson 6-5
Wednesday: Review of decimal addition/subtraction
Thursday: Lesson 6-6
Friday: Quiz
February 14: Grandparent's Day, DLR 17 due
February 16: School in Session, Math Quiz, Math boxes 6-4 to 6-6  due
February 19: No School

6B News 2.4.18

This week in writing, we will continue to prepare to write our compare/contrast essays.  Students will identify the theme of their selected short story and then compare this with the theme from the short story they read earlier in the year.  We will discuss effective techniques for making quality comparisons.
In Math, we will begin unit 6 this week.
Monday: Lesson 5-8
Tuesday: Lesson 6-1
Wednesday: Lesson 6-2
Thursday: Lesson 6-3
Friday: Quiz
February 7: Graded DLR due
February 9: Math quiz, Math boxes 6-1 to 6-3 due
February 14: 6th grade Grandparent's Day
February 16 and February 19: No school for students

6B News 1.29.18

This week in writing, we will finish our theme essays by completing a  self-evaluation and making final revisions.  These are due on Tuesday.  Then, we will begin to read another story as preparation for a compare/contrast essay that we will write next.
In Math, we will finish unit 5 this week.
Monday: Lesson 5-10
Tuesday: Lesson 5-11
Wednesday: Lesson 5-12
Thursday: Unit 5 Review
Friday: Unit 5 Assessment
January 30 - Theme essay due
January 31 - PRIDE day @ 2:45, DLR 16 due
February 2 - Math boxes 5-10 to 5-13 due, Unit 5 math test
February 7 - Workout day
February 16 and 19 - No school for students

6B News 1.21.18

This week in writing, we will be publishing our theme essays after we spend some time revising and editing them.  The students have worked hard to organize their ideas and find evidence from the text to support their claims.
In Math, we will continue with Unit 5 this week:
Monday: Lesson 5-7
Tuesday: Lesson 5-8
Wednesday: Review of key geometry skills
Thursday: ADAM benchmark assessment
Friday: Quiz
January 22 - Writing On-Demand assessment
January 24 - Parent visitation day, DLR 15 due
January 25 - ADAM math benchmark assessment
January 26 - Math quiz, math boxes 5-5 to 5-8 due

6B News 1.17.18

Well, it will be an even shorter week than we had planned.  Here is out plan for our (very short) week.
In writing, we are going to review the plans we created last week for our theme essays.  When we are sure we have a good plan in place, we are going to draft our theme essays.  We are writing to prove the theme of a selected text.
In Math, we will continue with unit 5.
Thursday: Lesson 5-5
Friday: Lesson 5-6
January 18 - DLR 14 due
January 22 - Literary Essay On-Demand writing assessment
January 24 - DLR 15 due, Parent Visitation Day
January 26 - Math quiz, Math boxes 5-6 to 5-10 due