Who is Mrs. Youcheff?


Mrs. Michelle Youcheff graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 2005 with a degree in Elementary Education, a minor in Special Education, and a concentration in Art.  She began teaching first grade at Edgar Moore Elementary in 2006.  She moved to L.J.M. the very first year it opened, continuing to teach first grade.  After 11 years in first grade, Mrs. Youcheff is now teaching sixth grade!  She will be teaching writing, reading, and social studies on a team with Mr. Munchel.  This is her 16th year teaching for the Red Lion Area School District.  During her time teaching, she obtained her Master's degree as a Reading Specialist.  Mrs. Youcheff also enjoys helping run the 5th and 6th grade after-school intramural program in the fall and spring.  


Prior to her formal education, Mrs. Youcheff graduated from Dallastown Area High School.  She now lives in the York Suburban School District with her husband, Scott, and daughter, Lily.  She also has a dog named Zero and a cat named Seven.  Mrs. Youcheff enjoys watching sports (mainly ice hockey and baseball), spending time with her family, and exploring the outdoors.  Her favorite color is black and the coolest animal (in her opinion) is the raccoon.