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Mrs. Kathy Bradshaw is currently a sixth grade Math and Writing teacher at Larry J. Macaluso Elementary in the Red Lion Area School District.  This is her 17th consecutive year of teaching in sixth grade. She has been working as a team with Mr. Dherit for the past 6 years.
Prior to her teaching career, Mrs. Bradshaw earned her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Elizabethtown College in Lancaster, PA  She also earned her Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State University in 2005. In addition to these degrees, Mrs. Bradshaw has also taken education courses from Wilkes University and Wilson College.
Outside of school, Mrs. Bradshaw enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters and currently resides in the East York area.

Recent Posts

April 23

After all of our research for our journalism project on teen activism, kids are finally ready to structure the essay and write!  This week, we will create the boxes and bullets outline for our ideas and then we will draft.
In Math this week, we will work on a glyph project using math skills.  It will provide practice in following directions, as well as math skills practice.  There will be no homework this week.
April 25 - April 27: Math PSSA test (9:15 - 11:15)
April 25: Writing contest due
April 26: DLR 28 due
April 28: Chorus assembly
May 8: Track and Field Meet
May 10: Sunglasses Day
May 15: Career Day
May 17: Visit to Jr. High
June 2: Last student day

April 16

This week in writing, we will finish our research for our journalism project on teen activism.  Students have been studying several teen activists including: Malala Yousafzai, Alex Lin, Alex Libby, Craig Kielburger, and Faye Carey.  Once the research phase is complete, we will begin to organize our ideas for our writing project.
In Math, we will continue to work on applying skills from our curriculum.  Students will not have math homework from the homelink book; the homework will be a worksheet for the next several nights.  Students will also not be working on "math boxes" this week.  Instead, they will need to complete a Math Rules! thinking sheet. This week, we will focus on the following skills: histograms, box plots, surface area and volume.
April 18: 6B Visits the book fair 
April 19: DLR 27 due
April 21: Math Rules sheet due
April 25 to April 27: Math PSSA test (9:15 - 11:15)
May 8: Track and Field Meet
May 10: Sunglasses Day
May 15: Career Day
May 17: Junior High visit

April 9

Now that we have finished our persuasive unit, we are ready to begin our last writing unit for the year.  Throughout this unit, the sixth grade students will become journalists.  Journalists carefully study and report on the information that they find.  The first topic that students will study is teen activism.  This week we will watch videos, examine websites and read articles to learn all we can about this important topic.
We will not begin Unit 8 in Math until mid-May.  Instead, we will use this week to review important concepts, such as data landmarks and box/whisker plots.  Each night, students will have homework, but it will not be in the homelink book.  Instead it will be a separate sheet.  There will also be a worksheet assigned for "math boxes" this week.
April 10 - Roma's Spirit Day PTO Fundraiser
April 12 - Crazy Hat and Socks Day, DLR 26 due
April 13 - School in Session, PRIDE reward (11:10 - 11:45), Weekly Math sheet due
April 14 - No School
April 17 - School in Session
April 25 - 27 - PSSA Math 

April 2

Students will finish their final persuasive essays on Monday after a final revising session.  After this, we will begin to work on our next unit - informational pieces.
In Math this week, we will be reviewing important concepts from Units 1-7.
This week, students will take the Language Arts PSSA test on Tuesday - Friday mornings.  Students should get a good night's sleep each night and it's also important to eat breakfast.  Students will also need a book to read when the testing is completed.  
April 3 - Report Cards issued
April 4 - April 7 - PSSA ELA (9:15 - 11:15)
April 5 - DLR 24 due
April 12 - Crazy Socks and Hats Day
April 13 and April 17 - School in Session
April 25 - 27 - PSSA Math (9:15 - 11:15)

March 27

This week during writing, our goal is to type and revise our final set of persuasive essays.  Most students have nearly finished their drafts, so we'll begin typing on Tuesday.  After we type, we'll revise our pieces, specifically focusing on tone and persuasive language.
This week in Math, we'll finish Unit 7 with a test on Friday.
Monday: Lesson 7-9
Tuesday: Lesson 7-10
Wednesday: Lesson 7-11
Thursday: Unit 7 Review
Friday: Unit 7 Test
 March 27: On-Demand Writing assessment; end of marking period
March 28: 2-hour delay
March 29: DLR 25 due
March 31: Unit 7 Math Test; Math boxes 7-9 to 7-12 due
April 3: Report Cards issued
April 4 to April 7: ELA PSSA Testing
April 12: Crazy Socks and Hats Day
April 25 to April 27: Math PSSA Testing

March 20

This week in writing, we will complete our research for our persuasive essays and we will draft them.  While we draft, we'll work to include at least one statistic, one quote and one short story to help prove our point.  We will also focus on using advanced transitions.
We will work on the following lessons in Math unit 7.
Monday: Lesson 7-5
Tuesday: Lesson 7-6
Wednesday: Lesson 7-7
Thursday: Lesson 7-8
Friday: Quiz
March 22 = DLR 23 due
March 24 = Math Quiz; Math boxes 7-3 to 7-8 due
March 27 = Persuasive On-Demand writing assessment
April 4 - 7 = ELA PSSA
April 12 = Crazy Socks and Hats Day
April 14 = No School
April 25 - 27 = Math PSSA

March 5

We have finished our first persuasive essay and the students did a great job with the structure.  To build on this, we will begin another persuasive essay and this time we will focus on developing the content by supporting our reasons with research.  We will choose topics and begin the process this week.
In Math, we will finish Unit 6 and begin Unit 7.
Monday: Lesson 6-11
Tuesday: Unit 6 Review
Wednesday: Unit 6 Test
Thursday: Lesson 7-1
Friday: Lesson 7-2
March 8: Dress Up day, DLR 21 due, Unit 6 Math test
March 10: Math boxes 6-12 to 7-2 due
March 27: End of marking period 3

February 26

It's Read Across America week to celebrate the life of Dr. Seuss.  Special dress days are scheduled for each day.
Monday: Cat in the Hat - Hat Day
Tuesday: Red/Blue Day
Wednesday: Slipper Day
Thursday: Read-a-Tshirt Day
Friday: Dress your Best Day
To begin our week in writing, we will type our persuasive essays.  Then we will revise them using the rubric as a guide to make improvements and grow.  As the week ends, we may have time to begin our next persuasive essay and this one will include more research.
We will continue Math unit 6 this week.
Monday: Lesson 6-8
Tuesday: Lesson 6-9
Wednesday: Lesson 6-10
Thursday: Lesson 6-11
Friday: Quiz
February 28: Grandparent's Day (Grade 6)
February 29: Graded DLR E due
March 3: Spring Picture Day, Math Quiz, Math Boxes 6-8 to 6-11 due, PTO Book Bingo 6-8pm
March 8: Dress Up Day
March 27: End Marking Period 3

February 20

This week in writing, we will continue working on the first drafts of our persuasive essays.  We will learn how to substantiate our claims with reasons and evidence in writing.  To do this, we will learn to use key phrases to help the reader identify when we are giving evidence in our body paragraphs.
We will continue with unit 6 in Math this week.
Tuesday: Lesson 6-5
Wednesday: Lesson 6-6
Thursday: Lesson 6-7
Friday: Quiz
February 22: DLR 20 due
February 24: Math Quiz, Math boxes 6-5 to 6-7 due
February 28: Grandparents Day (grade 6)
March 3: Spring Picture Day
March 8: "Dress Up" day

February 12

This past week in writing, students learned to write vignettes that will be used in their persuasive essays.  This week, we'll create an outline (boxes and bullets chart) for our essays and write the drafts.
In Math we will continue with Unit 6.
Monday: Lesson 6-2
Tuesday: Lesson 6-3
Wednesday: Lesson 6-4
Thursday: Quiz
February 15: DLR 19 due 
February 16: Math quiz, Math boxes 6-3 and 6-4 due
February 17 and February 20: No School for students
February 28: Grandparent's Day (6th)

February 6

This week in writing, students will begin to plan their persuasive essays.  After determining a good topic, students will list the reasons for their claims and then we will begin the drafting process by writing small "vignettes" to use in the essay.
In Math, we will complete unit 5 and begin unit 6.
Monday: Lesson 5-12
Tuesday: Unit 5 review
Wednesday: Unit 5 Test
Thursday: Lesson 6-1
Friday: Lesson 6-2
February 6: Chipotle Spirit Night (5-9 pm)
February 8: DLR 18 due, unit 5 math test, workout clothes day
February 10: Math boxes 5-12 to 6-2 due
February 17 and February 20: No School for students
February 28: Grandparent's Day (6th grade)

January 29

We celebrated our progress as literary essay writers on Friday.  The students have grown so much throughout this unit. Our next unit will focus on persuasive writing.  Students will choose an important social issue and write a persuasive piece.  We will begin work on these pieces this week.
In Math, we will continue to work through Unit 5.
Monday: Lesson 5-8
Tuesday: Lesson 5-9
Wednesday: Lesson 5-10
Thursday: Lesson 5-11
Friday: Quiz
January 31:  Dental Lessons, PRIDE assembly
February 1: DLR 17 due
February 3: Math Quiz, Math Boxes 5-8 to 5-11 due
February 8: Workout Day
February 17: Professional Development (no school for students)